Eating Healthy at Work

Ok…so before I begin this…yes, I’m spoiled at work when it comes to lunch. I teach at a school that provides lunch for its staff and students, and we all eat together in a dining hall.

On most days, there are choices to tempt even the strong! Perogies and sour cream, smokies with sauerkraut, pizza etc. There are also hot meals such as stirfries and lasagna as well as sandwiches and soup. But for me, as of late, my main focus is the salad bar.

It’s not a huge salad bar, but I take whatever greens are available for the day (love the baby kale days) and load it with whatever veggies and beans I can find. I put only balsamic vinegar on it, although at times, I may add a wee bit of salad dressing if I find the salad bland. Today’s salad was a little boring, but yesterday’s…

…was fantastic! Every bite was a pleasure. Take a look at the salad I had. Not only does it taste good, but I feel so wonderful afterward: fulfilled, light and guilt-free! Try a guilt-free salad some time.



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