The Power of Friendship

I wanted to share a lesson I learned this week.

A lesson about friendship and the power it holds.

I have a close friend who is actually quite different from me in many ways. But she we also share many things in common and have come to know each other well over the years.

We feel fairly comfortable sharing our thoughts with one another, but lately, it seems that we have been able to share some of our deeper thoughts.


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So, here’s what happened…

My friend and I often talk about our dreams, and we’ve both seen the other start something new that didn’t work out.

Recently, my friend was about to embark on a new direction in her journey, which at first glance, seemed to be a good fit. I supported her in her decision.

What I noticed, however, was that she didn’t seem to be truly fired up by this new venture.

Now, this friend of mine is what WaitButWhy calls a Tier 1 friend. So, to me, that means we’re close enough to be able to take risks with each other.


My gut instinct told me to share my thoughts with her and to give her my perspective.  Another part of me didn’t want to interfere with the journey she chose and to let her experience whatever it was that life was going to offer her.

So, I went with my gut. Why?

Because I felt it to the core, and I love my friend, and ultimately want to see her happy.

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So, I wrote out all my thoughts in an email, and guess what?

She didn’t disown me! The letter helped her to figure some things out.

I was so happy that I cried. Relief and joy.

So, the lesson here is to listen to your heart, and your gut, when it comes to matters of friendship.

Say what you need to say, through respect and love, and the power of your friendship will provide all you need (even if it goes the other way).


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