Give up?…or Fight Back!

You just ate the crap you swore you’d stop eating.

You overate something you were just going to have a bit of.

You ate one bad thing, which turned into days of crappy food. Maybe even weeks.

Been there? I have.

Does that mean you should beat yourself up?


Does that mean there’s something wrong with you?


Does that mean you should give up?

Hell no!

When we get off track from eating healthy foods, we feel like failures.

We wonder…

Why is it we just can’t eat the healthy food we know we want? Why can’t we stop eating fried food, potato chips, ice cream, or whatever our trigger/fix is? Why can’t we stop overeating pizza and ice cream?

Well, guess what? It’s NOT all your fault.

So many reasons contribute to our detour into the artery clogging, fat cell-filling and weight gaining foods.

Before we have a closer look at what draws us to the crappy food and why it’s not all our fault for eating it, let’s think about real food. You know, the real stuff that pretty much everyone says we should eat more of.

We don’t overeat veggies, do we? Usually not. Unless we add butter, oil or some other fatty topping like sour cream. We’re generally not eating plate after plate of steamed asparagus or cucumber.

We don’t overeat fruit. Unless it’s mixed with sugar and/or cream or some other naughtiness (like cream and sugar in ice cream or sorbet). We usually aren’t chowing down on bowl after bowl of apple slices or blueberries. Ok…blueberries are really good for you, so if you want to overeat those, go for it!

We don’t overeat whole grains and legumes. Doesn’t happen normally, unless we lace them with the things we crave: butter, oil, rich and/or sweet sauces, salt etc.


It’s not nature’s whole foods like vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes that we overeat. It’s the OTHER stuff. The “stuff” that’s not really food, but part of what humans have decided to call food.

Some of the “stuff” has been created from using animals. Humans decided to take cow’s milk and drink it or turn it into cheese or ice cream and eat it. It’s not growing on trees or being pulled from the ground, naturally.


Most of the “stuff” is highly processed food-like products that are filled with things that our bodies were not designed to eat and use for energy. White bread is NOT a food! Soft drinks are NOT a food.

Look at the list of common foods that call my name, and maybe yours too.


-cheese (grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, nachos)

-ice cream

-potato chips

-fried foods like French fries

-bread, cakes, cookies and other desserts

-toppings that make you eat more: sour cream, butter, rich sauces, chip dip etc.

Ring a bell?

If you have a weight and/or health issue, the list probably comes as no surprise. We’re all too familiar with how good these foods can taste and how much we want to keep eating them when they hit our taste buds.

But, don’t give up because of these foods and their power over you. Let’s look at their power, and then we’ll see how we can fight back.

Why do we overeat these foods?

They are…

-too calorically dense

-too rich

-too addictive-like

-too artificially concentrated with sugar, fat and/or salt

-everywhere in our environment

It’s no wonder many of us struggle with eating right and losing or maintaining weight.

We’re up and down on the scale.


We try to eat right and do ok for a while; we crash and burn, eat a pile of crap and then feel physically and emotionally crappy after.


Most of us, especially women, can be REALLY hard on ourselves . Our self-talk is destructive and mean. We say things we would NEVER, EVER say to someone else.

Things like:

“You are disgusting.”

“Look how fat you are.”

“You are a huge cow.”

“Get it together, piggy.”

“How can you let yourself get to this point? How can you live with yourself?”

Look at those words. It’s not okay for us to beat ourselves up with these words. Especially when it’s not all our fault.

After we beat ourselves up, we usually try again. We try to get back on the “good eating” bandwagon. We try, fail, and try again. It’s exhausting.

Does that mean we should give in to the power of pizza and ice cream?


Should we just decide we’re not worth it and give up?

Hell no!

We need to fight back!

We need to fight for our health.

I will not give up on me or my goals. I will keep fighting back.

In Part 2, I’ll post some ways we can arm ourselves to fight for our health.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,


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