Track your Goals…One Square at a Time

The New Year is a GREAT time to recommit to our goals or decide on new ones.

I don’t think of my goals as resolutions because setting goals is NOT just for the New Year; you can set them any time of year.

The New Year just happens to be a time when many of us do set goals.

This is especially common when those goals are related to our health and fitness because most of us increase our consumption of rich foods and alcohol over the holidays.

So here we are… Jan. 1.

A day when most of us are hanging out at home. We might be watching Youtube videos, looking for inspiration. Maybe you’ve written out some goals.

Every January, I begin a new Habit-Goal Tracking Year sheet. My yearly “rebirth” began many years ago when I found a hand-drawn version online. I don’t know who created it…I tried to find them to give them credit, but no luck.

Since then, I’ve tweaked it, so I could keep track of more habits/goals. The original had room for only four habits. Now, my Habit-Goal Tracking Year sheet takes up two pages instead of one, and it allows me to track up to 8 habits/goals.

Here’s what the sheet looks like.

Habit-Goal Tracking Blank Snip

Below is a sample of what the Habit-Goal Tracking Year sheet can look like for the first two months of 2019.

Habit-Goal Tracking Sample Snip

You’ll notice the “Hot Yoga” habit isn’t filled in because the sample doesn’t add the Hot Yoga habit until March.

This sheet is so awesome! It really helps me, especially in the beginning of the year, although you can start yours ANY time of year. Scroll below for a pdf of the sample sheet as well as a blank one you can print.

Here’s how the Habit-Goal Tracking Year sheet works:

STEP 1: Decide on 1 – 8 habits/actions you want to track. You’re tracking them for two reasons:

a) First, you want to celebrate your successes when you accomplish them (like doing yoga) and…

b) Second, you’ll start to notice when you’re not doing the things you said you wanted to do (like eat a salad 5 days a week).

Tracking your habits/goals helps you monitor your progress and see what you’re following through on and what you aren’t really doing. You may discover that some habits are no longer important to you, or that they change. You might discover a new habit you want to track.

STEP 2: Choose your habits carefully. My Habit-Goal Tracking Year sheet has room for 8 habits. Don’t fill up all 8 if there aren’t 8 things you really want to focus on. Consider starting with 2-3.

STEP 3: Assign a colour to each habit. You can do this by filling in the squares at the top of the page in a specific colour to match your habit. Or, you can highlight the words in that colour. It doesn’t matter.

STEP 4: Each day before you go to bed, fill in the squares with their assigned colours to show which habits you completed that day.

STEP 5: Keep the sheet somewhere you will see it. I usually keep it on my kitchen cupboard, so I can see it often.

STEP 6: You’ll be able to track your habits/goals for each month of the year. You may do it only part of the year, or you may decide to do it all year long.

Important Tips

You DO NOT have to be perfect. Don’t try to be perfect.

Track your progress and see what happens. The Habit-Goal Tracking Year sheet’s purpose is to give you information. It collects data about you.

Try it for a month and see how it goes. If it works for you, see how long you can track your goals throughout the year. See what you can learn about yourself.

To be honest, I rarely track any of my habits on the sheet past August. That’s ok. That works for me. Tracking my habits really helps me get started at working toward my goals.

Click on the links below for your own blank Habit-Goal Tracking Year sheet as well as the sample. Note: When you print, a box might pop up telling you that the margins are too wide. Ignore and print anyway.

Habit-Goal Tracking Year Blank

Habit-Goal Tracking Year SAMPLE

Good luck at achieving your own goals.

Wishing you health and success on your journey,

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