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Upped my Walking Game in May

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How am I making progress on my 1200 km walking goal for 2021?

I really upped my game in the second half of May.

In 16 days (May 16-31) I walked 22 times; some days I did two walks. I moved my feet one in front of the other for 100 km in that time!

Once you get walking on a regular basis, you feel more energized, and walking becomes a real need. I love to get fresh air and decompress when I go for a walk.

Another perk to walking outside is watching the season change from one to the next over a period of weeks. My walks were rewarded with animal life and beautiful flowers.

My total distance, as of May 31, is 409.63 km.

In 5 months, I’ve walked just over 400 km. With my average monthly goal to walk 100 km a month (more km in the summer and fewer in the winter), I’m on track to meeting my goal. Check out my first post about my 2021 walking goal.

Looking forward to seeing what distance I cover in June!

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