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August Update on my 2021 Walking Goal of 1200 km

Time is flying by, and so is summer. 🙂

I did over 100 km of walking in August, so I’m happy with that. Scroll down to see a recap of the year as well as my walking distance up to the end of August.

This month’s walks were varied and interesting.

Several times in August, I walked in Beaudry Provincial Park, which is about a 30 minute drive from my house,

It’s approximately 953.4-hectares in size and located along the Assiniboine River, west of the town of Headingley, Manitoba. It was designated a provincial park in 1974.

walk in Beaudry Provincial Park in Manitoba

When I walk in Beaudry Park, I usually go with my sister, Ursula. On one of our walks on August 9, we got caught in a storm part way through.

walk with my sister in Beaudry Provincial Park

The walk started off ok on a cloudy morning. When we got about a third of the way, it started to rain. No big deal, right?

Well, the rain got pretty heavy, and combined with the thunder, we were stuck in the forest in a storm. We persevered though.

The trail was easy to walk on at first, but then it turned into a mudfest.

By the time we finished, we were completely drenched, right down to our underwear! I’d never seen my runners so wet and muddy.

muddy runners after walk in thunderstorm in Beaudry Provincial Park on Aug. 9, 2021

As usual, I went on many neighborhood walks. It’s just so quick to step outside my door and go.

walk in my neighborhood

I also went to a nearby forest in the city a few times. Fortunately, I was gifted with a close-up deer siting one day.

saw a deer on my walk in Assiniboine Forest

My husband and I went to Gimli one Sunday afternoon, so I got in my walk along the beach.

My 2021 walking distance to the end of August is: 730.19 km. That means I have 4 months and 469.81 km to go.

I can do this!

Here’s a recap of the year:

116.76 km August (always happy when it’s over 100)

104.69 km July (not too shabby)

99.1 km June

154.43 km  May (I killed it this month!)

48.87 km  April

 33.85 km  March (10-day water fast from March 20-29, so much less walking)

50.36 km  February

122.13 km  January (high number due to initial dedication and interest)

2021 distance total is 730.19 km. 

If you haven’t yet started a walking routine, I highly encourage it. Not only do you have an easy and simple way to move your body everyday (I’m usually 6-7 days a week), you gain a feeling of accomplishment when you follow through and do it.

Live your true life,

Alison Carrey

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