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September Update on my 1200 km Walking Goal for 2021

I really upped my walking game this month. 🙂

Scroll to the bottom to see my total km for September and for 2021, to date.

The first month of autumn provided such lovely warm weather, so it was extra easy to tie up my laces and head out for a walk, especially a walk in nature.

About halfway through the month, I focused on trying to get in more longer walks (5 km +), which really helped me log those km.

Another draw for getting outside was the gorgeous fall leaf colors. One of my favorite walks is at Beaudry Provincial Park, which I wrote about in the post about my August walking update, and it provided a brilliant display of yellows and reds.

walking in Beaudry Provincial Park

This month, I was able to share my preferred route in Assiniboine Forest on a group walk with members of the Plant-based Living Winnipeg community (find the group on Facebook). The group was founded, and is run by, the passionate and knowledgeable Michelle Tree.

We walked almost 6 km that day, which was filled with sunshine and good conversation.

group walk plant-based living winnipeg
plant-based living winnipeg michelle tree
Alison Carrey (left) Michelle Tree (right)

September was filled with more variety in my walks. I walked in Assiniboine Forest with my husband and son-in-law’s dog, and we spent time with our granddaughter walking at Assiniboine Park.

Walking in Assiniboine Park

A few times, I just hopped on the treadmill to get in some walking. It’s important that I keep walking as a habit, so having a way to walk indoors when I need it is awesome! Last year, we put the treadmill in the living room. I use it much more in the colder months since it’s in our main living area and not out of site in the basement.

While on the treadmill one day, I watched an interesting video with Dr. Michael Klaper where he was interviewed on The Ellen Fisher Podcast (Michelle Tree recommended the video inside the Plant-based Living Winnipeg Facebook group). He’s passionate about living a plant-based lifestyle for health and dedicates most of his time teaching medical students about how eating healthy plant foods can improve and reverse chronic diseases.

At the very end of September, I even walked along Grand Beach and on the nearby trail.

Walking at Grand Beach
Walking on a Grand Beach trail

Here’s a recap of my year walking:

163.07 km September (my best month so far!)

116.76 km August (always happy when it’s over 100)

104.69 km July (not too shabby)

99.1 km June

154.43 km  May (I killed it this month!)

48.87 km  April

 33.85 km  March (10-day water fast from March 20-29, so much less walking)

50.36 km  February

122.13 km  January (high number due to initial dedication and interest)

2021 distance total is 893.26 km. 

What a great month September was for walking! Loved it!

Live your true life,

Alison Carrey

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