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November Update: Will I not reach my 2021 Walking Goal of 1200 km?

It’s crunch time for me; not sure I’ll make it. It’s the first time this year I’ve been unmotivated to walk.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking to reach my 1200 km goal for the year, but my November kilometers are a lot fewer than usual.

I walked 71.13 km this month. Scroll down to see the yearly total and a recap of previous months.

Walking over 70 km in 30 days is actually not too shabby. Those are walks outside or on the treadmill, and are not part of just moving through my daily life.

However, since I need to get in enough km to reach or exceed my goal of 1200 km for 2021, 71.13 is low for the second last month of the year.

I haven’t been motivated to get outside since it got colder. Honestly, I’ve been feeling a bit blah the last half of the month. Maybe it’s just the adjustment to winter arriving, I’m not sure.

Last month, I felt like I’d reach my 1200 km walking goal for the year, no matter what, but now, I’m not sure I care if I make it.

I usually have a good attitude and am motivated to keep moving my body, but lately, I just can’t seem to feel excited about completing my goal. Hopefully, this blah feeling will pass.

On  a positive note, nature continued to impress me while I was on some of my strolls. 

fall walking in nature
walking in the fall
walking in the fall
walking in winter

Here’s a recap of my 2021 walking goal so far.

    71.13 km  November

107.99 km  October

163.07 km  September (my best month so far!)

116.76 km  August (always happy when it’s over 100)

104.69 km  July (not too shabby)

    99.1 km  June

154.43 km  May (I killed it this month!)

 48.87 km  April

 33.85 km  March (10-day water fast from March 20-29, so much less walking)

 50.36 km  February

122.13 km  January (high number due to initial dedication and interest)

2021 distance total is…1074.38 km.

I’ve got 125.62 km to go to reach my goal of 1200 km.

I’ll keep walking and hope that I get back my oomph, so I can finish with a smile on my face on New Year’s Eve.

Live your true life,

Alison Carrey

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