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How I moved my Ass in 2021, and why you should get moving too (Final Update: 1200 km walking goal)

Before I dive into the results of my 1200 km walking goal in 2021, I want to say thank you if you were one of the people cheering me on throughout the year. I appreciated it so much, and your encouragement and support really helped me in the final days of 2021.

When I set my year-long goal last January (walks outside or on my treadmill), I did it to keep my body moving. 

Although I’d run a few races including half marathons and used to run and hike, I’d become pretty sedentary over the years.

Once I had a breast cancer diagnosis in early 2020, and spent time at an amazing place called True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, California, I became very aware of how important it is to move my body regularly.

Humans weren’t designed to be sitting on our asses 80% or more of our day! We need to move regularly, so our bodies can function optimally.

Did you know that your lymphatic system, which is a network of vessels that moves fluids throughout your body, is designed to get rid of crap your body does not need?

It has several jobs, but one of the main ones is to take out toxins, debris, waste and any other type of undesirable bits from our body.

What is more shocking to realize is that your lymph system REQUIRES MOVEMENT in order to work. It does not have a pump, like our circulatory system does (aka: our heart). We HAVE to MOVE to get the fluids moving and to be healthy.

You might’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking. Yikes! Who would’ve thought that years of being sedentary could be as damaging as smoking?

It’s usually easier for us to just sit around than it is to get moving (unless you’re already an active person). This means it’s up to us to commit to getting regular exercise.

My 2021 walking goal definitely got me moving, and I’m proud to say that I met my goal. I’ve also set a new goal for 2022, which is slightly different but still keeps me accountable to move my body on a regular basis.

Back to 2021….

Here’s how my walking played out in 2021 with the distance I walked, month by month.

122.13 km  January, 2021 (high number due to initial dedication and interest)

 50.36 km  February

 33.85 km  March (10-day water fast from March 20-29, so much less walking)

 48.87 km  April

154.43 km  May (I killed it this month!)

    99.1 km  June

104.69 km  July (not too shabby)

116.76 km  August (always happy when it’s over 100)

163.07 km  September (my best month)

107.99 km  October

  71.13 km  November

128.18 km December (had to push myself to make my goal)

I did it! I reached and surpassed my 2021 goal to walk 1200 km. I logged in over 50 km in the last four days of December to make it, but I did it!

My 2021 total walking distance was…1202.56 km (747.24 miles).

I know that having my walking goal helped me stay motivated to get moving, and now I’m excited for 2022. 

Some highlights from December’s walks.

2021 walking goal
Assiniboine Forest 4 km Walk
Walking goal 2021
Christmas Eve Morning, Beaudry Provincial Park Walk
Many Treadmill Walks in December
New Year’s Eve 2 km Walk at 10 pm (Winnipeg)

For 2022, I’ll continue walking, but this year, I’m tracking my movement and my km a bit differently. Check out my new goal.

Have you considered setting a walking goal? Or perhaps another health-related goal? Maybe you have other aspirations.

If you’re thinking you might want to set some type of year-long goal, or you’re just curious, you might be interested in learning more about how a year-long goal can work, as well as the tracking tool I use (you can download it for free).

Happy 2022, and I wish you joy and success as you set your own goals.

Live your true life,

Alison Carrey

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