January update on 3000 km Fitbit goal 2022
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January Update: 3000 Km Fitbit Goal for 2022

My 2022 goal is to reach 3000 km on my Fitbit by Dec. 31, 2022. Read all about my new goal in this post.

To reach 3000 km (about 1864 miles), I need to move my body approximately 250 km (over 155 miles) per month, or around 9 km (5.6 miles) a day.

I had a great start to January, and then around the middle of the month I got sick. 

You can see in my January chart how my energy started to fall, and I moved a lot less. On the last day of January, I really felt better and more like myself.

January’s km total is 192.82, leaving me with 2807.18 km left for the year. I highlighted in yellow, each day where I met my goal of 9 km.

Tracking January km on my Fitbit

A star appears on my Fitbit app for each day that I met my daily goal of 9 km.

Tracking January km with my FitBit 3000 km goal
Tracking January km with my Fitbit 3000 km goal
Tracking January km on my Fitbit 3000 km goal

All my walks this month, except one, were on the treadmill.

I did manage to get outside for a walk in the last week of January, so I could breathe some fresh air. It was hard to take in some good deep breaths, though, because it was very cold!

3000 km goal for 2022 walk outside

Good luck to you on whatever goals you’ve set for yourself this year. I hope one of them is to get your body moving.

Life your true life,

Alison Carrey

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