walking in nature 3000 km Fitbit goal 2022
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February Update: 3000 km Fitbit Goal for 2022

I want to move my body regularly. Just with walking and getting moving…nothing fancy. We aren’t meant to be sedentary, so I set a goal for the year to keep me accountable.

My 2022 goal is to reach 3000 km on my Fitbit by Dec. 31, 2022. Read all about my goal in this post.

To reach 3000 km (about 1864 miles), I need to move my body approximately 250 km (over 155 miles) per month, or around 9 km (5.6 miles) a day.

Early in February, I went on a gorgeous (but very cold) walk with my husband in Assiniboine Forest.

walking in nature 3000 km fitbit goal 2022

I was sick in January, and I had a rough month (mentally) in February, so both months show that I didn’t hit 9 km often. That’s ok though, as I know I’ll be moving my body more in the warmer months.

2022 Total km for January and February: 390.38 km

The days highlighted in yellow were above 9 km, which is the average daily distance I need to reach 3000 km by the end of 2022.

fitbit goal to walk 3000 km in 2022
fitbit goal to walk 3000 km in 2022

That leaves me with 2609.62 km to go until I reach my 2022 Fitbit movement goal.

Looking forward to spring and getting outside more!

walking goal 2022 fitbit 3000 km

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