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February Progress: Using my Year-long Habit Tracker to Get Healthier

If you aren’t using a habit tracker yet, give it a try! 

In my post about how to use a habit tracker, and how I use mine, I explain how I keep track of several habits throughout the year.

For 2022, the habits I’m tracking are the days that I:

  • Do not drink any alcohol
  • At the end of the day, feel good about what I ate (physically feel good and mentally, feel good about my choices)
  • Move 9 km or more, based on my Fitbit data
  • Walk on the treadmill or outside
  • Complete resistance training (7 Minute Workout app exercises or other form of building strength)
  • Move my body in another way (other than walking), such as shoveling, gardening, cleaning the house, vacuuming, etc.
  • Drink 3 L of water

I fill in a square on my tracker for each day I’m successful doing that habit. My tracker is posted in the kitchen where I can see it every day and shows 6 months at a time. It can be really eye opening.

Below is a picture of my February progress, and if you’re curious about how my habits played out in January, check it out.

habits I'm tracking on my year long habit tracker

I like to track new habits as a reminder or for motivation. The habits I chose to focus on this year will help me live a healthier lifestyle.

By tracking your habits on a visual tracker, like the one I use, your habits are front and center for you to see.

I love using this tracker, and I’ve been using it for years. You can start anytime!…not just in the New Year. Any day…just start.

If you want to track your habits in a year-long version like I use, download the pdf here, or download the Word document, where you can type in your habits at the top.

February was a tough month for me, but although I felt like giving up on my goal to get really healthy and lose 40 lbs by July 1, 2022, I would not give up.

Here’s the breakdown of how I feel about my habits in February:

  • Alcohol-free days: I drank during the first three weekends. It was clear I was turning to wine to combat the frustration and low feelings I was having in February. On the positive side, though, there have been months in my past where I pretty much drank wine every day, so February doesn’t look so bad from that perspective. 🙂
  • For my goal of hitting 9km on my Fitbit each day, I was way off. I know that’ll improve in the warmer months, but I still want to be more active all through the year. I’d like to have 50% or more of my days at 9 km. If you didn’t see my post about my 3000 km goal for the year, find it here.
  • There were many days when I felt good at the end of the day about what I ate (good choices and not feeling full or bloated when I went to bed), but I did not feel great about what I ate 32% of the days. That’s too high, and I know I’ll improve in March.
  • I walked on the treadmill or outside for all but 5 days in February; I’m happy with that. 
  • I definitely improved at doing resistance exercises this month. I did them 10 times, compared to the 4 times I did them in January. This is a habit I really want to develop as I age.
  • There were many days I fit in some other movement, like shoveling, vacuuming, etc. I’m happy with 15 out of 28 days. This month, I added “or an extra walk” into my other movement category.
  • Drinking 3 L of water per day was normal for most of February. I noticed that I began to slack off in that area toward the end of the month.

February was a bit of a weird month, so I’m not concerned about the habits not shining through. 

If you’re trying to develop new habits, remember that it takes time. Don’t give up after a week or two of not being consistent.

Practice makes progress.

Live your true life,

Alison Carrey

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