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March Update: 3000 km Fitbit Goal for 2022

This year, my goal is to move 3000 km, according to my Fitbit. You can learn about my goal in this post.

I set this goal to remind me to get my body moving. Being sedentary is unhealthy…more unhealthy than we realize. Ever heard the saying, “Sitting is the new Smoking”?

My focus has been on walking, which is an easy, simple activity to fit into the day. 

A lot of people think exercise has to be really hard or a challenge, and although getting your heart rate up and building muscle requires work and is beneficial to your body, getting moving doesn’t have to be like that.

Just walk. 

walking for health, walking goal

You can even walk inside your house with walking videos, walking around your house or walking on the spot.

With the weather warming up it was easy for me to get outside walking. 

I saw my first Canadian Goose on one of my walks this month. That’s always a huge sign that spring is on its way. 🙂

Toward the end of March, I also started running again (I’ve done some running in the past). The first day, I surprised myself when I ran 5 km without stopping in 39 minutes. 

My husband and I have both signed up for a 5 K Run on May 1, so my goal is to reduce my time and get as close to 30 minutes as possible.

Let’s look at where I’m at in my goal to reach 3000 km by Dec. 31, 2022.

In the tables below, the days highlighted in yellow were above 9 km, which is an average daily mini-goal I’d like to reach to ensure I reach or exceed my 2022 goal of 3000 km. You can click on any table to go to the post update for that month.

fitbit goal to walk 3000 km in 2022
fitbit goal to walk 3000 km in 2022
fitbit movement goal 2022

My low km in January and February put me a bit behind schedule.

I don’t have an exact schedule, but I need to keep an eye on the averages I’m reaching, daily and monthly. The km I move each month will vary, but if I’m constantly behind, I’ll have a lot of km to move in the colder months of November and December (which is when I am usually less motivated).

When I look at my progress, so far, I made up for some km with movement in March. 

Based on the average km I should be moving each day, I still have some km to make up for January and February.

fitbit movement goal 2022

I’m happy with my progress and look forward to getting out even more this spring. Now that I started running a little, it should be even easier for me to reach my 3000 km goal by Dec. 31, 2022.

Only 2350.87 km to go!  …one…step…at…a…time. 🙂

Live your True Life,

Alison Carrey

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