Follow your Heart Energy
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Follow your Heart Energy

As I mentioned in my last post, Switching Gears, I’ve turned my energy inward.

Instead of obsessing about food and weight, I’m reflecting on my thinking patterns and how I interact with the world.

Part of this reflection has led me to explore some other interesting income opportunities, which I’ll probably share down the road.

My exploration has made my life pretty busy (a good busy!), so I’m not going to write my blog posts regularly during the summer. I might write a few. Not sure yet.

What I know is that my energy, which comes from my heart and soul, is focused on other things.

Even though I told myself I wanted to write one blog post a week (since the fall of 2021), and which I have done except for one or two weeks, my heart is not in that space.

Forcing myself to write a post doesn’t feel right. I should write a post because I’m excited about the topic and want to get my message out there.

Today’s message is short, but it’s important.

Follow your Heart Energy

Follow you heart energy. I don’t know if heart energy is the precise term here, but it’s what I’m using to describe the energy I’m feeling.

My energy is guiding me in other directions right now; it’s genuine and comes from the core of my being. My heart and my soul.

You can call it heart energy or soul energy, or personal vibes…it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you pay attention to your energy.

We often live our lives on autopilot and and lose touch with ourselves...with who we are and what we really need or want.

If you need a little tune-up in the area of paying attention to YOU, then I have a few tips that will help you get more in touch with your heart and soul.

Begin to pay attention to what your body is feeling.

  • As you move through your life’s activities, what is your body doing?
  • Is it tense? What part of your body is tense? Why do you think that tense feeling is there? Are you resisting something?
  • What’s your heart rate doing? Is your heart beating fast? Why is that?
  • What about your breathing? Are you doing shallow, less relaxed, breathing?
  • Look at your body language. Is it showing anger, annoyance, frustration, impatience, etc.?

Listen to your Thoughts

  • What are you saying to yourself as you move through an activity?
  • Do you want to be doing it? Is it a regular responsibility of life you just have to do, or is there an option? Can someone else do it? Is it really your responsibility? Is it part of a personal goal or commitment that you need to revisit? Is it part of an expectation from others?
  • Do you have a lot of I should….floating around? Do you feel stuck and need to look at the situation?

Your Control

  • YOU control one thing: you.
  • You do not and cannot control what other people think, say or do.
  • You do not control situations and experiences.
  • You can influence people and situations, but you do not control them.
  • You can control only what YOU think, what YOU say, and what YOU do.
  • If you listen to your body and to what you’re thinking, then you can decide if you like those feelings. What can YOU do to change them? Change your thoughts? Change your actions?
  • You cannot control the outside world, but you can control how you respond to it.
  • Learning about what you can and cannot control can help you become more in touch with what you need and want.
  • If you want to take a deeper dive into learning about what you control, as well as how to reduce the stress in your life, check out my comprehensive and practical step-by-step guide: A Roadmap to Calm.


  • Journaling in whatever way suits you (digital, on paper, using your voice app, on video) can give you a peek into your heart and soul.
  • Taking a good look at what you’re thinking and feeling about different areas of your life can give you confidence in yourself. Learn to love the real you.
  • Whether you journal daily, or journal when you need it, recording your thoughts can get you in touch with you and provide the evidence and guidance you need to make some changes in how you think, speak or act.

If you try these four tips, you might discover areas that need your attention, so you can feel more free and relaxed in your life, and not like you’re flying around on auto pilot, ignoring the real you.

For me, my reflection has led me to the place where I give myself permission to flow with my heart energy. I choose me, instead of what I think I should be doing.

You do you.

Live your true life,

Alison Carrey

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