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Day 17 of My 31 Day Health Reset

Have you ever done a health reset?

It’s a great way to kickstart your journey into a healthy lifestyle, and you might also become more aware of

how you rely on certain foods or alcohol to relax, soothe or even numb yourself.

I won’t get into this topic here, but I just have to mention it, because it’s really important to become aware of what you do to soothe yourself when it comes to your overall health.

Yes, your weight is important, and yes, avoiding chronic illnesses is important too. But your health begins with what you put in your mouth and why you do so.

Back to my health reset.

Although I veered off track last weekend, I’m proud of my accomplishments during this reset (Oct. 11-Nov. 10, 2022).

Today is Day 17.

If you didn’t read the reasons for my health reset, or the criteria for it, check out my post: 31 Day Health Reset: Day 5 Report.

In the first four days of my reset, I dropped 7.6 lbs. That’s a lot for the first four days, but I know it was mostly water and the tons of crappy food sitting in my intestine from the days before I started.

Before I get into where I am today, here’s a reminder of my goals for the reset:

  • For 31 days, I will eat whole, plant foods that are not processed (except for the occasional condiment or processed plant-based food product), avoid added oil (except for a tiny bit) and I will not eat any animal products (meat, dairy, eggs).
  • For 31 days, I will not consume any alcohol. I will allow for an occasional non-alcoholic beer.

I have stuck to these two goals for most of my reset.


There were a few times I really wanted to make popcorn (cooked in oil on the stove), but instead, I had blueberries or a homemade nice cream (blended frozen bananas, dates and fruit).

I’m proud of those times, which show I can turn to an alternative when I feel like I “need” something to nibble on. Most times in the past, I would have eaten popcorn for sure (I did cave on one occasion).

Another win for me is that I haven’t consumed any alcohol in the past 16 days. When I felt the urge for a glass of wine (especially on the weekend or after a stressful time), I had a non-alcoholic beer. It did the trick, and I could move on instead of debating with myself about having wine.

Blips and Learning

On two evenings after a busy day, we made frozen fries for dinner. Yep. Just a plate of frozen steak fries. My husband and I have always considered these a treat to have once in a while. We know they are not the healthiest, as they are processed. They’re definitely not the worst, either.

Last weekend, our granddaughter slept over, so we had sushi (her favorite). We had some veggie sushi, but I also ate shrimp. Sushi is a healthier alternative to pizza and fried chicken in my books, but it is high in sodium (with the soy sauce) and several sushi rolls come with a mayo-based sauce.

The real veering off track came the next day.

At the end of a busy weekend, we just didn’t feel like cooking or having our normal healthy fare. Instead, we stopped at the grocery store and picked up some mac and cheese and some buffalo chicken bites.

We did chop some yellow bell pepper and pickled jalapeño to put in our mac and cheese, but other than that, I considered this a huge cheat on our reset.

We consciously did it though, and didn’t feel guilty about it.

Here’s the thing…

Going off track for a couple of days is only a negative thing if you keep on going.

If the splurge turns into weeks or months,

that’s when you have a problem.

My husband and I got right back on track with our reset after we indulged.

Weight Loss

As I mentioned in my first post about my 31 Day Health Reset, my goal is to develop a healthy lifestyle, so I can function independently as I age, and so I don’t need medications, surgeries and other treatments down the road for chronic issues.

Part of achieving very good health is being at a weight that feels comfortable for my body.

My starting weight on the morning of Oct. 11 was 188 lbs.

Today, I weighed 181 lbs. After 16 days, I have lost 7 lbs.

I realize if I’d stuck to the criteria of my health reset all the way through to today, I’d probably be 2-3 lbs less, but I’m OK with that.

7 lbs of weight gone in 16 days is just fine with me.

I still have 15 days left in my reset…what’s going to happen?

Part of me feels doubt that I’ll stick to my reset and lose another 5-10 lbs, because I went off track a few times already.

The other part of me knows I can do it. I just have to focus on my goal to be healthy.

A boost to keep me moving toward better health is that I just found out I have early osteoarthritis in my knee (I’ve been limping for a couple of weeks since the pain started). Osteoarthritis is when some of the cartilage between the bones has eroded.

The Mayo Clinic says osteoarthritis “…occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones [most commonly in hands, knees, hips and spine] wears down over time.”

I don’t know much about osteoarthritis, but I do know that if I keep going in the body I have, it will get worse. By losing the extra 40 or so pounds I’m carrying, I’ll greatly decrease the strain on my knee and other joints.

Two recommendations for preventing further osteoarthritis is being at a healthy weight and regular exercise. I’m working on my weight by doing a health reset (just the beginning of changing my lifestyle), and I walk 5 days a week (once my knee heels, I will exercise more).

My final thought that helps me move forward:

I am not perfect, and I do not have to be perfect on my journey to health.

If I falter, I will get right back up and keep going.

Whatever your health goals are, keep those two thoughts in mind.

Working toward better health, which can include weight loss, is not a sprint. It’s a marathon that goes on for life.

Live your true life,

Alison Carrey

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