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Results of my 31 Day Health Reset: A Success!

I began my 31 Day Health Reset on Oct. 11, 2022, and finished it on Nov. 10.

How did I do?

Overall, terrific!

I didn’t lose as much weight as I expected because I veered off track a few times on the weekends.

What did I stick to?

  • No alcohol. If I felt the desire for a drink, I had a non-alcoholic beer. At this point, I don’t miss my red wine at all. If you think alcohol is part of a healthy diet, think again. Sure…a glass of wine or two a month? No problem…but WHO does that?
  • I incorporated a daily green smoothie (about 20 oz) into my eating. In the second half of my reset, I started having 2 green smoothies a day. When I say green smoothie, I mean the Dr. Brooke Golder way. Check out my Day 5 report on my 31 Day Health Reset where I talk about this more and provide a link where you can find out more about these incredible healing smoothies.
  • Most days I consumed about 1.5 – 2 liters of water.
  • I ate whole food, plant-based 95% of the time.
  • I avoided processed foods and added oils in my food 90% of the time.

My Results


My weight was 188 lbs on Oct. 11, and on Nov. 11 it was 178.8.

I lost 9.2 lbs in total. I was up and down but in the end, I was happy with my weight loss.

Losing weight is just a symptom of getting healthier. My goal is to get healthy, so my body can find its ideal weight. I am guessing that to be around 130-140 lbs on my 5′ 6″ frame.

Heart Rate

My average daily resting heart rate went from 63 down to 57. I am really happy about that because it means my heart has to work less to pump blood around my body. I use my Fitbit to track my resting heart rate.

If you don’t know the importance of your daily resting heart rate and how it can be the hidden clue you need to lose weight and get healthy, read this post I wrote. A game changer for me!

resting heart rate and health and weight loss

Hot Flashes

I have fewer hot flashes, and they are less frequent and shorter in duration. Yay!

Yes! What you put in your body affects the level of hot flashes you have. Sure, genetics play a factor, but you can affect whether you have them intensely and for a long time, or whether you just breeze through the lovely time we call menopause.

Over the 31 Day Health Reset, I tracked my weight and my heart rate.

Here’s a snapshot of my results (I also tracked my sleep quality with my Fitbit, but I’m not showing that here because there are many factors that affected my sleep, not just my diet).

You can see that part way through my health reset, I had a knee issue and my right hip was also very sore. I discovered that in my knee, I have early osteoarthritis. The healthier I can get, the less that will be an issue as I age.

The two asteriks show two days I went off my food plan and had sushi and something else. Naturally, my weight went up after that.

So, what’s next?

Right now, I’m about half way through a continuation of my health reset, which is 20 days long (Nov. 11-Nov. 30).

About a week into my 20 days, I upped my green smoothie intake to the recommended daily amount (Dr. Brooke Goldner’s hypernourishing protocol), and I’m working at getting in more water.

Dr. Goldner is truly inspiring. If you haven’t heard of her, check out her interview on this amazing video.

After watching that video, I was inspired to recommit to her hypernourishig protocol (I did it once before for 6 weeks, but then went back to eating crappy). The almost 2 hour video, where Dr. Goldner is interviewed, could change your life if you’ve struggled with your health or weight. Watch it in chunks, but watch until the end.

I’ve lost a couple of pounds already and look forward to becoming healthier. Already, I am sleeping better, and my joints hurt less.

I had a knee issue over the last month, so I haven’t started going to the gym that my husband and I joined recently. That’s just fine. I’ll get there when I get there. Getting my diet on track is the most important.

We don’t always follow a straight, smooth line when we work towards our health goals. It’s ok when it curves here and there and presents bumps and obstacles. One thing for sure; I will not give up on my goal to be healthy and at a weight that is right for my body.

I am worth it.

Live your True Life,

Alison Carrey

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