I’m Alison, but I go by Ali to most.


I’m a middle school teacher, mother, wife, and cat lover (I have four). Despite carrying 30-40 extra pounds and being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer early in 2020, I’m a positive person who believes we choose our own lives.

Here are a few interesting things about me. I…

  • am approaching the end of a career
  • am in my second (and last marriage)
  • have a 19 year-old daughter and two adult step-children
  • live in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada (it gets tongue-sticking-to-the-fence cold here!)
  • love to talk and write about what I believe (I will definitely write a book one day)
  • love sushi, red wine, holding hands with my husband and curling up with a good book (almost always self-help or personal development
  • am a wannabe artist

I’m here for two reasons:

  1. To own my journey and live a life true to myself, which means building a life I love in spite of my fears, limiting beliefs, others’ expectations, etc.
  2. To help others do the same.

Each day of our life passes by almost without our noticing. The quality of that life includes not just the ability to put food on the table and to have a comfortable and safe home, but the ability to live our life in a way that is meaningful and true for us.

Too many people stay in jobs, relationships or situations because they think it’s what they should do, because of family or peer pressures, or because they’re afraid to make a big change. Our limiting beliefs also keep us stuck in a place that no longer serve us.

Often, we’re so caught up in our worlds, which are packed full with little time for reflection, we don’t even notice we aren’t happy or fulfilled in our lives. Or we’re dissatisfied with, or even hate, certain parts of it!

Some people live their entire life according to what family, friends or society wants. The lucky ones make discoveries along their journey and find meaningful ways to become a truer version of themselves.

My goal for this site to to share the cool things I’ve learned or discovered with you, so you can be one of those people who uncovers or rediscovers who you truly are. My true passion is to help you find ways to live a life that is ultimately true to you.

With only one life to live, I’m grabbing onto it. I’ve always wanted to own my own business, and I’ve always wanted to write a book. I intend to do both, and this website and my podcast, A Journey to Chew On (coming soon in 2021), is the beginning.

Your Journey. Own it.


I'd love to hear from you. Ideas or questions?

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