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Here you’ll find a variety of tools that can help you reach your goals and live your true life. The first resource requires your email address, but the rest do not. 🙂

reading food labels alison carrey

Guide to Reading Food Labels Don’t be fooled by the tricks food manufacturers use to get you to buy a product you think is healthy. Over 50 pages of valuable, eye-opening information. To get this free download, you’ll need to enter your first name and email address. Then you’ll receive bonus freebies (only subscribers get bonus freebies), practical tips and information, and other goodies each week in your inbox.

7 Day Food Tracker An editable Google Doc (after you make your own copy) where you can record descriptions and photos of the food you’re eating.

food tracker analysis

Food Tracker Analysis Designed to be printed, this Google Doc gives you step-by-step instructions on how to analyze the food you’ve tracked. Includes two questionnaires and an example analysis.

Visual Year-long Habit Tracker

See your progress at a glance. Two 6-month pages where you color a square for each habit you complete each day. Over time, your months will reveal your true habits.

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