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-The Accomplishment Journal is a digital product, designed to be printed.-

It’s time to stop beating yourself up all the time.

You do so many things, but by the end of the day you lose sight of them. You don’t realize all the things you’re accomplishing!

Instead, when your day winds down, you beat yourself up for not getting things done or for not doing what you said you’d do.

The Accomplishment Journal is a simple way for you to feel better about yourself, every day. Start recognizing all your little accomplishments in your daily life by tracking them in your Accomplishment Journal.

You’ll be amazed at all you do! Read below for more details.

NOTE: This is a digital product designed to be printed.

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NOTE: This is a digital product designed to be printed.

You probably don’t notice all the awesome things you’re doing. Every day and every week. If you’re like I used to be, you’re too busy beating yourself up for what you didn’t do, or what you didn’t achieve.

When you start to notice all that you do (little things too), and write them down each day, you realize you’re not that bad after all! You begin to shift your awareness and start to notice that you’re accomplishing a lot, and that you can be proud of those accomplishments.

If you stuck to your healthy way of eating during a party or you just got the dishes done when you were damn tired and didn’t feel like doing them?…Both are accomplishments. Notice them, and celebrate them!

The Accomplishment Journal (digital product to be printed) will teach you to look for all the positive things you are doing, and to be less critical of yourself.

At first, you’ll be looking hard to find the good things you did. After a week, it will become easier, and eventually, it will become a habit for you to end your day thinking back on all the things you accomplished that day, whether big or tiny.

This means you’ll go to bed with a smile on your face instead of disappointment in your head.

The 72-page Accomplishment Journal (digital download to be printed) provides everything you need:

  • Instructions and examples
  • Sample Journal Entry
  • Undated Journal Entries: you can start at any time
  • Journal at your own pace. Entries are Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc., but those do not need to be consecutive days. Make the journal work for you!
  • First 30 Days: 30 Journal Entry pages (1 page per entry)
  • 3 Reflection pages (after week 1, 2 and 4)
  • Next 30 Days: 30 Journal Entries over 15 pages (1 page per 2 entries)
  • My Life’s Accomplishments Inventory
  • Bonus Journal Entry pages

Give yourself or someone else the gift of seeing more of how awesome they are!

NOTE: This is a digital product designed to be printed.


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