Week 6 of Hyper-nourishing with Dr. Brooke Goldner’s Healing Protocol

Each day, my body is healing and working to find its way to optimal health and an ideal weight.

I’ve been following a strict healing protocol for the last six weeks. My last update was on Day 4, so I’ve got a lot of updating to do.

It doesn’t feel difficult to stick to this protocol when you compare it to doing a water-only fast, which I’ve done before.

However, it still takes commitment and a deep belief in what this hyper-nourishing protocol is accomplishing, in order to be able to trust the process. Each day, I am eating only raw vegetables and fruit, with a focus on the vegetables.

Each day, my body is healing and working to find its way to optimal health and an ideal weight.

Check out the video to find out how I’ve lost weight and progressed.

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Brooke Golder, check her out.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

Alison Carrey

Day 4 of my 4-week Hyper-nourishing Health Reset

Our lives get so busy that we often forget to connect how we feel with what we ate.
My energy levels are huge today, and I know it’s because of…

Today is day four of my 4-week health reset using Dr. Brooke Goldner’s hyper-nourishing protocol. If you missed the details about how I am resetting my health, check out my Day 1 video.

My energy levels are huge today, and I know it’s because of the nutrient-rich blender of smoothies I make in the morning and then drink through the day.

Our lives get so busy that we often forget to connect how we feel with what we ate. I can tell you that when I eat pizza, cheese, potato chips, fried chicken or ice cream, I don’t feel energized. I feel full, then tired, and sometimes even sick if I overeat (which would be often).

When I eat smoothies and salads with raw, dark leafy greens like kale and with raw vegetables and fruit, I feel light, clean and airy, like I could fly.

If you’d like to hear more, check out my Day 4 update on how things are going with my health reset.

If you’re looking for more energy and are tired of feeling tired, eat more raw veggies and greens to see what happens. Just this tiny step can make a world of difference.

If you really want to tackle your fatigue, check out Dr. Goldner’s site.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

2 Mushroom “Must-Knows” for Health

Today, my heart skipped a beat because I discovered there’s a toxin in mushrooms called Agaratine.
If you love mushrooms as much as I do, there are 2 things you’ve got to know about them.

Is there anything dangerous or unhealthy about mushrooms?

Well, it depends.

Do you eat them raw or cooked? How do you cook them?

If you love mushrooms as much as I do, there are 2 things you’ve got to know.

The first thing is about whether mushrooms are safe.

Today, my heart skipped a beat because I discovered there’s a toxin in mushrooms called Agaratine.


Cooking mushrooms removes most of the toxin, Agaratine.
Photo by congerdesign from Pixabay

Luckily, it turns out that most of the toxin is removed when you cook mushrooms. What a relief!

So, where did I learn about this toxin?

There are a few sources I highly trust for nutritional information, and one of the best sources, based solely on research from medical journals, is NutritionFacts.org, created and run as a non-profit service to the public by Dr. Michael Greger.

If you’re curious about Agaratine in mushrooms, then check out the NutritionFacts.org video.

I absolutely LOVE mushrooms, and to me, they’re part of a healthy diet, which leads to the second thing you’ve got to know about mushrooms if you’re interested in long-term health.

Most people cook mushrooms in butter or oil, and that’s the problem. Butter and oil are 100% fat, and when you cook your mushrooms in it, you’re getting a lot of artery-clogging “goodness” with your mushrooms.

Cook mushrooms without oil to reduce fat intake.
Photo by Geraud Pfeiffer from Pexels

Don’t get me wrong, I’m right with you on mushrooms sautéed in butter being amazing!

But, I want to enjoy my food without feeling guilty or being worried about my health.

To continue to love your mushrooms, without the extra fat bomb on your meal, you CAN cook mushrooms without oil. Yes. It is true, and that’s the groundbreaking , second thing you’ve got to know about mushrooms.

I won’t get into the different ways you can cook without oil (dry browning or sautéing in a little water or broth, for example) because tons of other online sources can show you.

I just want you to know that cooking mushrooms without oil IS possible, and that they are delicious. At home, I often make a quick stir-fry with veggies and brown rice ramen noodles, and I always include some tasty mushrooms in it.

There’s a unique, satisfying flavor in mushrooms that you can’t get from other vegetables (mushrooms are actually a fungi, but whatever; we lump them into the veggies category), so mushrooms are a must for me.

Most of us think we HAVE TO use oil to sauté everything, but the reality is we don’t.

Give it a try some time, but be forewarned; if you put oil/fats on a lot of your food, your taste buds will expect the fat when you eat your oil-free mushrooms. You may need to try this healthier way of cooking a few times before you love it like I do.

I’m glad to know that my love of cooked mushrooms means I’m not downing a toxin on a regular basis, and I’m glad to know there’s a healthier way to cook them.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

Post-featured photograph by Emma Jones from Pexels.

My 4-week Hyper-nourishing Health Reset

I deeply believe that changing from a less-than-stellar lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle takes practice until you get it right.
I won’t give up; I’ll keep trying.

After a couple of months of celebrations and indulging, I find myself needing to reset my taste buds….again. Time to get off the wine, processed food and high-fat/salt combinations I crave.

I deeply believe that changing from a less-than-stellar lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle takes practice until you get it right.

I know I’m not the only person who commits to eating healthy food and exercising, starts off with huge enthusiasm and confidence, and then falters and goes off track, eventually giving up.

Sound familiar?

If you’re like me, you try and you try, and you keep “failing”. You feel like you’ll never achieve your health or weight-loss goals.

I won’t give up. I’ll keep trying, and today is Day 1 of a health reset using Dr. Brooke Goldner’s hyper-nourishing protocol.

Check out my video where I describe the details.

I wish you success on your own health journey. Remember to not give up. You’re worth the challenges and obstacles you face along the way.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

Move on, and Don’t Give Up When you Fall Off Track

This post is available in audio. I used Anchor, and a standard woman’s voice, instead of my own. I’m just trying it out.

I recorded the video below a week ago when I was out on one of my morning walks.

Like I’ve said before, a walk alone in the fresh air is like a personal retreat for me, and I often get motivated on my walks, or at the least, energized.

On this particular walk I wanted to provide an update about how my journey to health and an ideal weight is coming along.

I’ve made a real discovery about how what we feed our bodies makes our bodies want more of it, and THIS is why, I believe, it’s sooo easy to get way off track with our eating habits.

Although I’ve been off track for the last few weeks, I’m more resilient than I used to be, and I’m much less hard on myself. Now, I can recognize and focus on my accomplishments over the two months previous, instead of zoning in on my more recent “failures”.

If you’re someone who struggles with being consistent with eating healthier foods, or you feel like a failure when you get off track, this video is for you.

I hope my journey can give you a positive boost and help you on your own journey to health.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

How I’m Escaping the Pleasure Trap (and losing weight!)

For a long time, I was trapped in a cycle of eating, overeating, dieting, losing weight, gaining the weight back, etc.

Sound familiar?

I thought there was something wrong with me, but as it turns out, I’m more than ok. There’s nothing wrong with me at all. 🙂

It’s the Pleasure Trap! (Learn about the book below).

Or more specifically, it’s the food produced by modern society that was keeping me in the pleasure trap (craving it and then going back for more).

Check out this video to learn how I’m losing weight and getting healthy by escaping this trap.

I learned all about the pleasure trap in the following book.

The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health and Happiness, written by Dr. Alan Goldhamer and Dr. Doug Lisle, is a detailed and science-based book that will open your eyes to what’s going on in the food around us today. Learn how it’s not your fault that you’re constantly drawn to calorie-dense, unhealthy foods, and discover how you can retrain your body to enjoy nature’s healthy foods.

Check out the Audible version.

If you’re struggling with your weight, give this book a try. It really opened my eyes.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

Instant Pot Virgin…No More! Tasty AND Oil-free, Barbecue Lentils

Have you ever bought something you really wanted, and then once you got it, you kind of ignored it?

Well, that’s the way it was with my Instant Pot.

After seeing so many recipes that required an Instant Pot, I thought it would be a good idea to have one. Not sure what took me so long, but I finally bought one last year, and it sat in its box either in my basement or in my dining room ever since.

I think I was just a bit intimidated by it. Too much pressure! 🙂

This past weekend, my husband and I took the plunge and opened the box. After our intense test-run of 3 cups of water, we were officially trained and ready to go.

Our first recipe was from a new cookbook I bought specifically for the Instant Pot. But even better, the recipes use NO added OIL.

In case you’re an oil fanatic, or you just can’t imagine not using oil in your kitchen, we do not need added oil in our food. Oil is a man-made, highly fractured and highly concentrated, food-like substance that does not serve our body (nature didn’t give us olive trees with taps that dispensed oil).

I’ll have to do a more detailed post about oil soon, but in the mean time, if you have doubts about the negative health effects of adding oil to your food (any kind of oil), and are even moderately interested in your long-term health, read this book!

If you’re already aware of the dangers of adding oil to your food, then you know what a treat it is to find an oil-free recipe.

Plant-based, oil-free AND for the Instant Pot? Jackpot for me!

This recipe is NOT mine, like I said; it’s from Jill McKeever’s cookbook I ordered on Amazon last month (thankfully the book didn’t sit for a year or two; I probably wouldn’t have been able to find it!).

The recipe has only 5 ingredients, which makes it simple and easy to make. I want to eat healthy food, but I don’t want it to be complicated.

So how did it turn out?

The Instant Pot was easy to use and did a great job with this recipe. The sautéing part, which came after the pressure-cooking phase, took about 15-20 min. I was surprised it took that long for the sauce to thicken, but I didn’t know what to expect because the recipe didn’t say how long it would take.

We used a baked potato instead of wedge fries, and layered some kale, the lentils, broccoli and yellow pepper on top.

Why add the veggies?

  • To increase the nutrients (= high nutrient density)
  • To decrease the overall calorie density (= low calorie density)
  • Veggies are the secret to optimal health (any health-related wisdom tells you to eat more vegetables!)

We loved the taste of these lentils, and they were even better a few hours later and the next day.

I would definitely make this recipe again, but I’d double it, so we could have more leftovers. You could put these lentils on a salad or on top of any whole grain as well. They’d work great to take to a pot luck too.

So, if you’ve been hesitant to break your Instant Pot cherry, have no fear. Once you make one recipe, it won’t seem like a multi-button, might-explode monster looming on your counter.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you success on your efforts to eat more healthfully.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

Update: Two Weeks after my 10-Day Water Fast

After completing my 10-day water fast, I began what I think is the most important part of fasting: re-feeding: what I eat after the fast.

There are two phases of re-feeding:

  1. The foods consumed in the first week to ten days after the fast
  2. The way of eating that continues on a daily basis, for long-term health

I follow the re-feeding protocol used at True North Health Center (TN) in Santa Rosa, California. My confidence in fasting and re-feeding comes from my knowledge from two key books:

  1. Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eating and Fasting for Health
  2. The Pleasure Trap by Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Alan Goldhamer

I also have first-hand experience fasting at TN for an 18-day water fast early in 2020 (right when Covid-19 hit, so I had to speed up my re-feeding).

My Re-feeding Phases

Day 1: fresh juice (celery/watermelon; celery/apple, celery/carrot/apple and celery watermelon). Day 2: fruit (except citrus) and juicy vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, zucchini and tomatoes. Day 3: Add all raw vegetables and citrus fruits as well as cooked veggies. Day 4: Add starchy vegetables like potatoes, squash, carrots. Enjoy thin soups. Day 5: Add legumes and thicker soups. Day 6: Add whole grains. Day 6: Add nuts/seeds.

Long -term way of eating: I am eating whole, plant foods without any added oil, sugar or salt. Occasionally, I will use mustard or a condiment that has a bit of sugar or salt, but that’s it. No alcohol for me. It is toxic to the body, and for a person like me recovering from breast cancer and wanting to prevent it from spreading or returning, booze is out.

Learn more about my weight-loss and mindset shifts that are helping me move toward long-term changes in my lifestyle and ultimately, optimal health.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),