July Update on my 1200 km Walking Goal: just past the halfway point :)

If you’re not moving your body in other ways, like swimming, cycling etc. then walking is a great go-to, which you can rely on every day. Put on some runners and step outside your door. It’s that simple.

There were so many beautiful days In July; I got outside for 26 walks, walking a total of 104.69 km.  I’m pretty happy with that.

On those really hot days, I made sure to get out earlier in the morning for a walk. Instead of complaining it was too hot outside, I just adapted to the conditions. When we move into autumn, I’ll need to be mentally ready for cooler weather, and not use it as an excuse to skip my walks.

Moving our bodies every day is so important, especially in our modern, more sedentary society. It’s really easy to make excuses, though.

At this time, I’m not doing any other exercise, except for a few resistance exercises that I do a few times a week (not consistently). So, walking is my jam.

walking goal

If you’re not moving your body in other ways, like swimming, cycling etc. then walking is a great go-to, which you can rely on every day. Put on some runners and step outside your door. It’s that simple. If you haven’t read all the reasons walking is so awesome, check it out.

Most of my walks were in my neighborhood this month, but I did get to some nice wooded areas in parks. Loved those!

walking in the
animal life on a walk

Here’s a summary of my 1200 km goal for 2021 so far:

104.69 km July (not too shabby)

99.1 km June

154.43 km  May (I killed it this month!)

48.87 km  April

 33.85 km  March (10-day water fast from March 20-29, so much less walking)

50.36 km  February

122.13 km  January (high number due to initial dedication and interest)

2021 distance total is 613.43 km. I’m officially past the halfway point. 🙂

If you need to move your body on a regular basis, try walking, and consider setting a weekly or monthly goal. My 2021 walking goal helps me to stay motivated and reminds me about what’s important to me.

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

Upped my Walking Game in May

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How am I making progress on my 1200 km walking goal for 2021?

I really upped my game in the second half of May.

In 16 days (May 16-31) I walked 22 times; some days I did two walks. I moved my feet one in front of the other for 100 km in that time!

Once you get walking on a regular basis, you feel more energized, and walking becomes a real need. I love to get fresh air and decompress when I go for a walk.

Another perk to walking outside is watching the season change from one to the next over a period of weeks. My walks were rewarded with animal life and beautiful flowers.

My total distance, as of May 31, is 409.63 km.

In 5 months, I’ve walked just over 400 km. With my average monthly goal to walk 100 km a month (more km in the summer and fewer in the winter), I’m on track to meeting my goal. Check out my first post about my 2021 walking goal.

Looking forward to seeing what distance I cover in June!

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),

My 1200 Km Walk (and first update)

An audio version of this post is available on Anchor.

I set a goal on January 1, 2021 to walk 1200 km this year (about 746 miles).

By “walk”, I mean a walk outside or on a treadmill (NOT steps in a day).

I’m doing this because I am more aware than ever, the importance of regularly moving my body. As of this post, I’m just a few days shy of my 56th birthday.

With a breast cancer diagnosis last year, and as my body starts to reveal signs that I need to treat it better (extra weight, sore joints), I’ve opened my eyes to the need to have regular physical activity, AND to try to take as many of my walks as possible outside in the fresh air.

To reach my 1200 km goal for this year, I need to walk an average of 100 kms a month, although I know I’ll walk more in the warmer months and less in the winter.

As of May 14, I’ve walked 309.31 km (192.2 miles)! I’m pleased with my progress and my commitment.

Walking is one of the BEST ways to move your body. I really believe that almost anyone can move closer to health and an ideal body weight just by adding walking into their life.

Walking can be perfect for anyone who hasn’t been active on a regular basis. It’s just one foot in front of the other.

Not only that, walking is actually like going on a personal retreat. We could all use one of those, right? Check out my big list of reasons to see why walking is one of the best and easiest ways to get your body moving.

If you know you need to move your body more, give walking a try. Start with shorter walks (15 minutes) and, over time, build up how long and far you walk.

If you walk in the right spots, you just might be treated to the lovely sounds of birds or the quiet tread of a deer.

Stay tuned for my next update (roughly the middle and end of each month). 🙂

Be HEALTHY (Healthy Eating And Living Transforms and Heals You),